Where to Buy Elon Musk’s TeslaQuila

How to Drink TeslaQuila "Like a Sir".

TeslaQuila should always be warmed to a balmy 80 degrees. Ideal consumption range should be between 80 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit or 26 - 29 degrees Celsius. Elon Musk's TeslaQuila should never be sipped or sniffed, it shall be poured into a shot glass and consumed promptly. This is not your mothers Tequila so put away those dam limes and salt.

My first bottle of TeslaQuila

Where to Buy TeslaQuila

Teslaquila Bottle Label

Download the Teslaquila Label in PDF -  Teslaquila. Or Save the Image in PNG Below. 

TeslaQuila Bottle Label
TeslaQuila Bottle Label
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  1. Luis J Hernandez says:

    Savagery at every level from the head boss ELON

    Follow me on the gram tho haha: luisjh_13

  2. Sandra Carney says:

    Please tell me where and when I can buy teslaquila. Really really want it for my husband and don’t mind flying to the states to purchase x

    1. Eli Burton says:

      Hi Sandra, so in complete seriousness, to date, all that TeslaQuila is, and what Elon Musk did is he made the label and slapped in on a hornitos bottle.

      So you can make a bottle your self with the label here and a bottle of hornitos. https://myteslaadventure.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/Teslaquila.pdf

      Eli 🙂

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