The Tesla Quick Draw Challenge

The Tesla Quick Draw Challenge

The Tesla Quick Draw Challenge began by accident while having fun with Ryan of  IG: @TeslaMotorsClub and Taylor of IG: @TslaPics and  @iambrod5ky. It is not well known that the Tesla Charging Button which sends out a signal to open the charging door on Tesla's has a fairly long range... Long enough for a Tesla Quick Draw Challenge!

 Participate in the Tesla Quick Draw Challenge

To participate in the Tesla Quick Draw Challenge, have a friend, family member, or random stranger film you, grab a Tesla charging handle, wait for a call to draw, swing your charger, point and shoot! Don't forget to challenge a friend to participate.

Why did we do this? Because we enjoy the little things in life and want to share them with fellow Tesla Owners who share our Outlook. If you like what we are doing, kindly follow us on Instagram and YouTube.

I am the founder of My Tesla Adventure and the creator of I own a Tesla Model S 75DD, and am a fan of SpaceX, Elon Musk, and Tesla. I am a thinker, tech geek, nature lover and adventure enthusiast.
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