Supercharging a Tesla Model S: V2 Versus V3 Superchargers

In a new video on YouTube, Eli shows us the speed of supercharging a Tesla with both V2 and V3 Superchargers.

Eli’s test will show you how long it takes to charge his Tesla Model S Raven. For the first part of the test, he charges his Tesla at a V2 Supercharger and it was at 10% charge. He charged it up to 80%. After about five minutes, Eli realizes he’s getting charge of 54 kilowatts despite the fact that the max charge is 150kw. Eli explains that this is split between two stations. The total charging time took 57 minutes and 21 seconds which is roughly an hour.

The next day, Eli goes to the Tesla Factory to test the V3 Superchargers and arrives, without even trying, just 10% battery. At the V3 Supercharger, it starts off a little slow. It was a little disappointing for Eli, who wanted to get to that peak charge rate. However, it wasn’t all a loss and Eli explained why.

At the V2 Supercharger, he had to share his charging power with others. At the V3 Supercharger, even though Eli had folks charging on either side of him, he didn’t have to share his charging power with them. He was still able to get up to 155kw of charging power. Eli points out that this is game-changing for Tesla because it allows Tesla to support twice as many cars with the same number of Superchargers since each car spends less time charging at V3 chargers.

At the V3 Supercharger, it took Eli 48 minutes and 32 seconds to charge his car from 10% to 80%. That is just 9 minutes less and to some, that may not make a difference, but overall it will once Tesla upgrades all of the Superchargers to V3 or at least those in Tesla dense cities.

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