Advanced Summon: Making Parking Lots Fun Again

Eli Burton got to show Alex from E for Electric just how cool Advanced Summon in his Model S P100D is. The video is 15 minutes long and Eli comes in at about 3 minutes into the video after Alex introduces him.

Eli points out just how independent Advanced Summon is.

“We now have very much AI-driven self-driving feature–no person in the car it backs itself out of the parking lot and navigates itself through open spaces without direct lane lines approaching situations that involve turns and it is doing this without a human involved.”

“It is very much a beta feature so when it runs you see it being very cautious moving very slow some of those movements are kind of jerky as it’s assessing those situations. It will come up to a place where it has to make a turn and I’ve watched it wait three or four seconds–there weren’t any cars coming but it was clearly assessing the environment and deciding what to do next”

Advanced Summon is still in Beta which is making parking lots kind of fun. Seeing a car drive itself is kind of like watching someone you love learning something new. It puts that human feeling into the mix and makes Teslas, in my opinion, seems more human than any other type of car.

In the above tweet, Michael Liebow has excellent advice. Once you (and your human-like Tesla) get a feel for Advanced Summon, you’ll feel more confident as this beta version continues to improve. Many people start out driving in parking lots, so it makes sense to train your Tesla in parking lots as well.

Also, the convenience of Tesla’s Advanced Summon will help people when they have a lot of items such as heavy groceries, or if its pouring or any other similar situation.

One of the best perks is safety, as Michael Liebow points out in another tweet below.

Having had to walk through a dark alley a few times in my life (and fend off attackers here and there) I can definitely agree that having a car that drives itself, records everything and lights the way would make me feel safer if I had to cross a dark path to my car.

Can the Raven Model S run a 10.5 Second Quarter Mile?

Eli goes back to the drag strip with his shiny new Raven Model S to answer this burning question.

He gives a quick shout out to Juan who towed him and then takes of like a rocket down the strip.

You can feel the sense of excitement as he yells, ‘Oh My God!” and we all are cheering for him to fly.

As you can see in the full video below, this is an adventure that almost takes Eli’s breath away–but that could be because it’s hot.

Tesla 2.0 Autopilot Takes Left Turn Through Intersection

Tesla has been improving Auto Pilot for a while now, and as Eli demonstrates, Tesla Auto Pilot is now able to take turns in intersections.

One of the goals of Tesla is to change up the way we drive using artificial intelligence and as you can see in the video, it’s smooth.

Eli runs a quick test of Auto Pilot by taking a left turn in an intersection. It’s a 90-degree angle turn. Eli says 45-degree turn, but he clarifies that in the comment section of the video.

Eli starts from the middle lane and keeps his hands on the wheel, barely touching it as the Tesla successfully completes the turn.

You can hear Eli and his friend in the background hyped up and very excited. This is a small thing to normal drivers, but a huge feat for a company seeking to revolutionize the auto industry in a way that helps us and our fellow drivers.

In a follow up edit, Eli states:

” There is only a line on the left side of the โ€œlaneโ€ – there is no lane marker on the right side of the car. I had attempted this intersection just a couple months ago with AP and it barreled straight very early in the turn forcing me to jump in.”

Both InsideEVs and Teslarati wrote articles about Eli’s video.