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The North America Tesla Road Trip - The grand traverse

In 2014 I did a road trip across Canada, to be able to do a similar trip with a fully electrical vehicle a few puts in perspective of how fast the electrical transition is coming our way. The idea of driving across north America to a final stop in Whistler, BC for the winter grew and became a full adventure trying to ski different mountains and areas along the way. Our main destinations included Detroit, Grand Rapids, Colorado and Utah. We used the supercharger map to plan our route between these destinations. Tesla made a really good job of covering those main roads.

It’s amazing to see the ever changing landscape and weather while driving from one coast to the other. Whether it’s mountains, lakes, never ending farmland, this road trip always has something to offer. My favorite part was on the route 84 between Colorado and Utah through the canyons. We drove as the sun was setting and reflecting on the rock walls that surrounded us.

Episode 2:  The Cities Are Our Skiing Playground 

Last time we checked in we were driving east to west through the states skiing different places along the way. We have now made it to our first stop on the Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. The Vancouver Island has incredible forests and vegetation. We headed to a small surf town called Tofino where we surfed for a few days, the surf town has hotels with chargers and there is a supercharger right when you arrive on the island.

After a great time on the Island it was time for us to head out to Whistler, our final destination where we would spend the winter. Whistler is amazing for all types of riding. Whether you like nice groomers, powder or park.  If you are not much of a skier or snowboarder you can still enjoy a nice sight-seeing by taking the peak to peak across the two mountains, a must do on a sunny day. 

The next episode will be about street skiing, freestyle skiing using the cities as our playground.

I am the founder of My Tesla Adventure and the creator of I own a Tesla Model S 75DD, and am a fan of SpaceX, Elon Musk, and Tesla. I am a thinker, tech geek, nature lover and adventure enthusiast.
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