AutoPilot Karaoke | Tesla Autopilot Karaoke | #AutoPilotKaraoke

Tesla Autopilot Karaoke

Tesla Autopilot Karaoke began on the way to the Tesla Takeover Road Trip. Credit goes to Wil from the SoCal Tesla Club for changing our original name of "Carpool Karaoke" to " #AutoPilotKaraoke".  Find Wil on Instagram @amazingfitnessdesignbywil.

We belted out Don't Stop me now as we approached the Kettleman City Tesla Supercharger Lounge for the first Instagram episode of Autopilot Karaoke.

For the second Instagram episode of #AutoPilotKaraoke we sang the Sound of Silence while Taylor @TeslaPhotographer played the air guitar and Ryan of @TeslaMotorsClub shook his head and laughed.

To submit your Autopilot Karaoke videos to be featured on the My Tesla Adventure YouTube Channel please with emails us at or send us a dm on Our next episode will air tomorrow and including hits from the new Tesla fan Kanye West  (#KanyeWest) and Journey. Thank you for subscribing and we look forward to seeing you on the road.

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